Precomps can be a blessing or a curse. It's important to know when it's useful to precompose stuff, and when it becomes unnecessary (makes your project a disorganised mess!) 😱

What is a Precomp?

(You probs already know this but I'll repeat it for emphasis) 😉

Precomposing means taking one or more layers that are already in a composition and turning them into a composition of their own, a.k.a. a precomp.

When should you precompose things?

  • Making changes to an entire composition
    If you want to animate and apply effects to the entire comp. (P.s. You can also add effects using an adjustment layer = much tidier 😋)
  • Reusing anything you build
    If you're creating an animation that you know you'll use multiple times throughout your piece.
  • Make changes in one go
    If you make changes in your precomp, those changes affect every composition in which it is used.
  • Add another set of transform properties to a layer
    But TBH this can also be done by attaching your layers to a Null object 🙈

When should you absolutely not need to precompose?

  • If none of the above apply 👆
    It's as simple as that, no reason = no precomp.

But why?

Creating precomps for no reason makes it harder to get to the core file and change something + it clutters up your project for no reason 🤭

Keeping it nice and simple also makes it a whole lot easier for us if we need to make any changes to your files!

Always remember, less is more! 💪

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