What you put as your portfolio link is extremely important as this is how we will select you for briefs!

Here are some top tips for deciding what to show us:

  • Show something relevant - Firstly, we need to see video work! 🎥 Secondly, think about your specialty, if it's motion graphics or filmmaker, that's the kind of skills we'll be looking for.
  • Show something you're proud of - Pick a video that shows off your skills at their best.
  • Video, showreel, channel or website? - It's totally up to you but we see a lot of creators and need to make decisions pretty quick! Something like a showreel where we can see a range of work very quickly is recommended 😉
  • What's your role?  - If you're linking us to a video that was a collaborative project let us know what you were responsible for so that we can understand your skills.

Now that you know exactly what we're looking for, you can change your link in your settings.

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