There are a few things that you need to avoid when filming because of licensing issues.

To make sure we have the correct permissions to use everything in your video, here's what you need to remember : 


  • Anything shot on public transport, inside stations or anyone driving 
  • Anyone's face without a signed performer release e.g. in a crowded place where you can easily see lots of peoples faces
  • Anyone under 18 without a performer release signed by their parent / guardian
  • Anything filmed inside a public building e.g. restaurant / cafe  / office etc. where you have not got a location license and the location is easily recognised.
  • Brand names / logos (other than the brand you're working with). This includes on clothing, food, electronics, buildings. 
  • Any nudity or anything that could be considered offensive.


  • Anything outside a station, at a bus stop, in a parked car 
  • Anyone who has signed performer releases e.g. in a crowded place you can only focus on your character or you can avoid showing people's faces - e.g. only feet or bodies
  • Anyone under 18 with a performer release signed by their parent / guardian
  • A public building (restaurant / cafe / office etc.) if you have a signed location license. You can film from the outside of a building as long as there is no recognisable branding in shot. 
  • Anything non-branded or where the brand has been cut out of shot / subtly hidden / covered up.

For more info on any of these points, you can check out the 10 Commandments of Vidsy which highlights some of our Ts&Cs

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