Each brief cards in the Live briefs page has a status label written underneath the brief image so you can best keep track of them 👇 

Apply Now - the brief is open for sign ups. The teaser will provide you with a little info as well as the creator selection date i.e. the date when selected creators are sent invites and the sign ups close. If a brief takes your fancy you can apply to be considered for the opportunity. 

For more info on how creators are selected, click here.

Pending selection - you have applied to this brief and are waiting to hear if you have been selected. If you have been selected for a brief, you will receive an invite and the brief card will move to My Briefs page.

Didn't make it this time - this is a brief that you have applied to but have not been selected for. To find out more about why this might be, click here.

Applications Closed - the sign ups for this brief are now closed. The creators have already been selected and are working on the project.

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