Our Mograph team here at Vidsy HQ will be working with the files you submit to fulfil any client requests and when reformatting your content for different platforms. 

This means it's super important to make your file as user-friendly as possible 😇 Here's a few things you can do to make this happen:

  • Always give your precomps friendly names (Animated_Logo rather than Precomp3) 🤓
  • Put precomps in the right folders: There's a Precomps folder for each video in your AE file. 🗂
  • Colour coordinate your layers to make them easier to understand. 🌈
  • Cut layers where they start and end. If they fade in and out for example, we do not want layers that last the entire duration of the comp for no reason! ✂️
  • Label any masking layers as MASK and change the colour 🎭
  • Never scale text up using scale keyframes (use text size) 🔤
  • Animate text using the text animator tools rather than duplicating and masking layers ✨
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